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If you are considering purchasing an alarm system, do your homework first! By taking a little time now, you can avoid potential problems later:

  • Comparison shop. Select two or three different alarm companies from which to receive written quotes.
  • Compare features with features
  • Ask how the alarm system will avoid false alarms
  • Contact your State licensing bureau and make sure that the alarm company as well as the installer are licensed.
  • Ask if the system is a purchase or a lease. Ask if there is a long term monitoring agreement to sign.
    Contact your police or sheriff's department to determine if a permit is required. Ask if "verified response is necessary."

Obtain the "Consumer Guide to Purchasing a Burglar Alarm" from the False Alarm Reduction Association which is comprised of law enforcement personnel from all over the U.S. and Canada. You can obtain this guide from their web site at www.faraonline.org


Mark and Carol Rogers

The owners of Keystone Security, Carole and Mark Rogers, can answer your personal security questions via e-mail. csrogers@security4u.com or mrogers@security4u.com and also provide technical consultation and advice for industrial and commercial security applications nationwide.

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Last updated June 9, 2014