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Home Invasions:
A Terrifying New Trend

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Over the past ten years, the occurrence of real-life home invasions by brazen individuals and loosely organized street gangs has become an increasingly common form of robbery. How can you protect yourself and your family?

Teach every family member not to open the door for anyone until he or she is completely convinced that the person or persons seeking entrance are there for a valid reason. Trust your gut instincts. If anyone knocking on your door looks or sounds or behaves in a disturbing manner, don't open the door. Always ask utility workers or trades people to show you identification. And, always be suspicious of "groups" of people at your door.

Remember, it's easy enough to explain an aggressive security screening procedure later. Anyone who comes to your home on legitimate business will understand and accept your concerns.

Mark and Carol Rogers

The owners of Keystone Security, Carole and Mark Rogers, can answer your personal security questions via e-mail. csrogers@security4u.com or mrogers@security4u.com and also provide technical consultation and advice for industrial and commercial security applications nationwide.

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Last updated June 9, 2014