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Statistically, every nine seconds another family in North America is victimized by a burglar. That means that in the past 24 hours, over 9,000 families lost some of their possessions and most of their sense of security to a burglar.

Are all of the statistics stacked in factor of the criminal? No. Studies have shown that homes with a monitored home security system are 600 percent less likely to be victimized than those without a monitored system. That means that over a 20-year period, homeowners reduce their risk of being victimized from 75 percent to less than 15 percent with a monitored home security system.

Before you shop for a new security system, it's a good idea to find out something about them. There are two basic levels of protection provided by a home security system: exterior (or perimeter) protection and interior protection. Ideally, your home security system should have a combination of both.

Perimeter protection is your first line of defense. Devices generally consist of sensing mechanisms attached to doors and windows leading into the home. These devices are wired in such a way that when your system is turned on, or "armed" an alarm will sound if entry is attempted. If your system includes central monitoring station service, they will then send an emergency call for help.

Interior protection is your second line of defense. Interior sensors are often refereed to as "space protectors: and work on the principle that once inside the house, an intruder is most likely to pass through certain rooms, hallways and stairs to get to the areas where valuables are most likely to be found, Space protectors are designed to detect changes in the protected space, such as movement or rapid changes in temperature. When an intruder is detected, the alarm system is triggered, and, if applicable, your central monitoring station is alerted.

New advances in home security systems are introduced every year that are smarter, smaller, and more affordable than previous versions. We would welcome the opportunity to review the enhancements possible to your existing system...or proposed an affordable, state-of-the-art new installation to help you defend your home and loved ones ... and put the "safety and security" odds in your favor instead of the criminal's.

Mark and Carol Rogers

The owners of Keystone Security, Carole and Mark Rogers, can answer your personal security questions via e-mail. csrogers@security4u.com or mrogers@security4u.com and also provide technical consultation and advice for industrial and commercial security applications nationwide.

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Last updated June 9, 2014